Hansen Firearm Training

We’re Southern California’s top rated firearms training company for concealed firearm permits.  Join our public or private CCW classes officially approved by Orange, Ventura, San Diego, and Los Angeles Counties, and also the cities of Los Angeles (LAPD), Long Beach (LBPD), and many others.  We can help you walk through the process!  We also offer basic and advanced handgun training, medical trauma, and active attacker response courses.

Compare the Value

  • Take your CCW class at your own pace with our online blended learning option *

  • In-person public or private 1 and 1/2 day CCW classes available

  • $30 optional add-on for the UT and AZ permit instruction (reciprocity to carry in 38 other states)

  • Friendly, non-intimidating, ego-free teaching style

  • 100% incident free safety record

  • On-site Live Scan fingerprinting normally available

  • Range fee and targets included in price

  • Qualify unlimited handguns, first 3 guns are free

Classes starting at $250!

* The blended online learning course is not available for L.A. and San Diego Counties and some city jurisdictions.

How do I get a California CCW license where I live?

Select your county or city below for more detailed information on their requirements.


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Loved the class and learned so much! Ben was a very knowledgable and friendly instructor. Definitely recommend to friends and family and will be taking future classes with him soon.

George C

I would highly recommend him. I am an experienced shooter (30 thousand pistol rounds fired over last 50 years), which included competition, and learned quite a bit from him. His LE experience was very helpful and he was supportive of newer shooters.

Arnold V

From the various classes I’ve taken from a number of different instructors, Ben’s classes have always been the most informative, and also the most interesting. The FBI training perspective alone is worth the attendance! The fact that he is the star of a currently running and popular TV show just adds to the coolness factor.

Todd M

His Federal Law Enforcement training and experience comes through, always professional and passionate about the training. If looking for a Firearms Instructor, you will be very happy with Ben, I guarantee it.


I just want to encourage everyone that is even slightly interested in gun safety, personal defense, or getting a weapons permit to take this class.

Ritchie B

I highly recommend Hansen Firearms Training Courses for novice and experienced shooters alike to learn appropriate skills and applicable gun laws from well qualified friendly instructors.

Pete V

Highly recommended. Ben Hansen’s expertise in law enforcement tactics and his passion for the 2nd amendment come across crystal clear in his instruction. If you want to receive top notch training take his classes.

Jason B

Hansen Firearms Training provides quality informative training at an affordable price. I learned a lot from Ben, and look forward to learning more in the future!

Anderson K

You kept the class fast paced, relevant and extremely interesting. As a prior Reserve Sheriff’s Deputy and prior member of the armed forces, I was very impressed by the scope and depth of the educational and practical material you shared with your students.

Brian K

Ben is an excellent instructor. He teaches us more than just shooting and qualifying for a ccw. He goes in depth on making sure we understand and are prepared if we ever need to use our weapon. I highly recommend his course.

Bobby C

The range time was awesome. We did not do the boring 24 shot at each distance for each weapon. Ben had us run practical drills at the required distances, rapid fire, reloading, assessing the target, hip shooting, and a few other types of shooting that I had not done before. Honestly I am kinda bummed that it is over, but excited that I am this much closer to getting my permit. I would give Ben Hansen two thumb way up, and will definitely be attending more of his classes!

Nick H

Once again I wanted to say thanks for a wonderful experience in your class, I could not have selected a better program if I had tried and have already told several friends.

Tim A

As a new gun owner with limited shooting experience, I was hesitant to take this class. My husband had taken the Utah CCW course from Ben and assured me Ben will explain everything and I will also enjoy it. Sure enough, Ben made me comfortable in class, and also gave me many helpful hints to improve my shooting. I am much more confident to protect myself after taking Ben’s class. Thanks Ben!

Robin H

Ben was very patient before, during, and after completion of the class in speaking to me by phone, email, and in person. He took all the time necessary to ensure that my questions and concerns were fully addressed, and never gave the impression that I was bothering him, or otherwise wasting his time.

Mike H

I just finished Ben Hansen’s CCW course last week and I must say that it was one of the best moves I’ve made in a while. His class was not only informative, but Ben kept it entertaining also. I can honestly say that I wasn’t bored for even 1 minute during the entire 16 hour class.

Frank W

Great class. I’m a former Marine Corps infantry sergeant with two tours overseas who also spent some time training with the military police. I learned from Ben. He kept the class interesting with humor and videos showing practical application. Time on the range was a 10 out of 10. If you have to spend 16 hours with an instructor, I highly recommend making it productive and interesting. Ben is your guy!

David T

I took the CCW class last week. First reason was price and what was included. Second, because my brother and nephew took another class and they just sat there in a room waiting for their chance to shoot. I was very pleased with the real world situations we went through to learn how to deal with things that could happen.

Doug S

I think the best parts of the class were the practice spent drawing from the holster in a variety of situations and the time on the range. They tied together beautifully and made sense. I don’t think it’s a given that all instructors would take the same care to do this.

David T

This is the only place you should go for your required 16 hour course. Ben has a unique teaching style that mixes professionalism, humor, and a pretty unbiased point of view.

Walter D

After researching several option’s for CCW training there is nobody that even comes close. Ben teaches with humor and a vast amount of professionalism that comes from years of experience. The class covered real world situations focusing on personal defensive tactics as well as the necessary firearms techniques. The range time was fantastic, learned a lot! I highly recommend this class… Money well spent.

Robert V

Ben Hansen’s firearms CCW class far exceeded my expectations. Ben always responded rapidly to my emails, and in the class he was knowledgeable, personable and fun!

Steven L

Ben’s approach to class was very balanced. By this I mean that he kept it serious when necessary but wasn’t above adding humor here and there, which was much appreciated after a long day. His sharing of open-hand combat techniques definitely added to the overall experience.

Scott H

Frankly, I don’t know why is class cost so little, for everything that he provides you including a holster and tactical training gun, he could easily charge $100 bucks more! Now while I appreciate the value he offers, its obvious that this man does this because he really loves what he does, and that his motivation is not $$ but a true love of his practice.

Robert E

I attended this class yesterday and found it very informative, entertaining and would highly recommend anyone interesting in obtaining their CCW sign up for this class. Thanks Ben for the world class training and making the world a much safer place.

Matthew C

I just wanted to say thank you and tell you that I enjoyed your CCW class! I thought it was informative and well-balanced considering all that was covered inside/outside of class. (Oh, and thank you for the free perks, as well!) I will definitely recommend your class to other family and friends, in the future.

Shaya T

Classes were every informative and practical. Ben is a great instructor. Looking forward to future trainings with Defense League.

Huy N

Just want to say what a great time I had learning and training with you. Thank you again for your gifts and time you took to go the extra mile for us Saturday. It was fun as well.

Phillip B

I want you to know how much I enjoyed your class. Your presentation and patience was greatly appreciated. Your obvious knowledge and teaching skills were top notch. Thank you again.

Art K

I took Ben’s course for the initial CCW class… He is an amazing instructor and very informed of the CCW process for Orange and surrounding Counties except LA. He will go out his way to help you in the process. I recommend his classes to anyone. Thanks Ben.

Tony H

What a great class led by great instructor! It was a long day but Ben made every minute of it enjoyable. He teaches with a very casual demeanor with obvious experience and knowledge. I felt the methods, tactics and mindset he taught were straightforward and practical.

Dominic F

Professional, engaging and easily meets all expectations, Ben’s an amazing instructor, I’ll continue to take additional classes to enhance my skills, his classes will prepare you for just about every situation, minus dinosaurs.

Larry G

I wanted to say thank you so much for your patience and time. You were an awesome instructor and I would like to return to take more classes. It was my first time shooting that gun, the Beretta PX4 Storm, (first time shooting a gun in years), so I really appreciate how you dealt with a newbie such as myself.

Judith M

Hansen Firearms Training is a top notch learning experience for getting your CCW Permit training. No complaints about spending all day in a classroom and ending the day at the range. The time spent in the classroom was very informative with the hands on training to break up the day. After classroom training we headed to the range to complete the live shooting portion. This was a great way to end the class, at the range with a great instructor.

Ryan W

The best of the best. Had a great day with Ben. Ben helped me understand all kinds of self defense tactics including situational awareness, use of hands, protecting the firearm, etc. I have much more respect for the weapon and how to handle a potential situation. Ben is a legit expert. Great job Ben.

Adam L

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed last Saturday’s training. Your instructions were excellent and explanations of sometimes difficult subjects were extremely clear. I look forward to joining you at my next opportunity.

Jerry H

I’m one of those guys that grew up with guns, graduated the police academy (30+ years ago) and does a fair amount of shooting and I walked away way with new information, some different perspective of things and a lot of good information – nobody ever knows it all.

Steve C

My husband and I just completed a course with Ben and the guys from United Defense Tactical and were so impressed with the information, time and knowledge we received. Ben made the class very interesting, incorporating some stories of his experiences and applying basic self defense tactics, wanting us to continue our training. Thank you Ben, for the incredible class and the effort you put into it.

Audie C

I just wanted to complement you on the training I received yesterday. I have been carrying for six years and I cannot tell you how much I wish I had your training when I first carried in Virginia. I am looking forward to review the CD you provided, doing the exercises you recommended, and taking an advanced class in the future.

Evin P
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and adjusting your schedule to help me through my CCW tests!
You are a true Professional and it is apparent of your passion!
Jerry C