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Initial CCW Course (applying for the first time)

We teach in Orange, Ventura, San Diego, and Los Angeles Counties as our classes are recognized as approved training for all four county sheriffs. We invite you to join us at either location no matter the county where you reside because the class will be accepted in all three. Please contact us if you have questions as to where in each county the class will take place. Otherwise, you may not receive an email with final details of the classroom location and instructions until a day or two before class because we use a few different locations depending on the class size. You will however receive an email by the night before the course date.

Because of the highly discounted price, materials preparation, and demand, we cannot accept walk-ins at the door. If you prefer not to pay by PayPal, you will have the option at checkout to pay by credit card without creating a PayPal account. Please note that adding class options below will not update in the website shopping cart. Instead, you’ll be directed to PayPal and you must click the “continue shopping” button to add more items before finalizing your purchase. The price below includes everything you’ll need in class (targets, range fee, etc.) for qualifying up to 3 guns. You must provide your own ammunition. For both OC, Ventura, and San Diego County applicants who want to qualify more guns, you can add up to 2 additional guns for $20. In other words, $20 will cover a 4th and 5th gun, $40 will cover up to 6 or 7 guns, etc.

Cancellation Policy:
We understand that sometimes things come up and your schedule changes. We’re fairly flexible to allow you to make up portions of the day you missed or to reschedule all together, but please advise us within 24 hours of the class to be fair to those trying to get in on a waiting list. We also allow full cancellation and refund (minus any processing fees that PayPal or the credit card company will not return to us) within 24 hours of purchasing. Beyond this time however, your purchase will be counted as credit toward a future class except in rare emergency situations. Please understand that we depend on dependable attendance in order to offer the low rates we do. We cannot issue refunds for classes purchased beyond 5 months due to PayPal’s processing fees and changing operating costs.

Available Classes

California Initial CCW Classes $175
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Add on the UT, AZ, or FL CCW Permits $30
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AZ& UT Fingerprinting $15
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Adding a Gun to Your CCW License

If you already have a California CCW issued by the Orange County Sheriff, they will allow an unlimited number of handguns to be added to your license as long as they are registered under your name. This can be done at any time for Orange County licensees. Ventura County only allows the addition of firearms during the time of your CCW renewal.

If you want to add another handgun to your CCW license from Orange County, all that is required is to pass a live fire qualification with that handgun consisting of shooting 20 rounds (10 rounds at 5 yards and 10 rounds at 7 yards). We will then sign off a qualification certificate for you which you will upload to the OCSD website along with filling out their amendment form. From that point, you can set an appointment with the OCSD to pick up your new license and pay the $11 fee because they will need to reprint it with your new gun(s) listed. For qualifying add-on firearms, we charge $20 per every 2 guns. That rate is assuming that we’re already at the range teaching. Please refer to our schedule of the next classes and email us to see if we can fit you in with our range time. If you want to qualify new guns outside of our public class time, there will be additional fees and you may be required to pay your own lane fee to the range. Please contact us for details as this website is not set-up to accept payments for gun add-ons.

Next Classes

Upcoming All-Day Saturday Classes

Times are listed below for the next accelerated classes. The starting and ending times vary according to when the range time is available on that particular day. Unless otherwise noted, the optional multi-state permit instruction begins one hour earlier than the listed times. If noted, sometimes that portion will be taught after the California CCW portion.

*Please note. Due to COVID-19 safety measures, the Ventura County Sheriff CCW Unit is only accepting applications by appointment only. The Orange County Sheriff CCW Unit is processing initial licenses by video interview and renewals by email. We encourage you to go forward with your classes since we anticipate a sizable backlog once government offices completely open and they try to process the demand caused by new CCW applicants.

Class # Date Class Range Time
21-8 March 13 Huntington Bch. Orange 9a-8p
21-9 March 20 Costa Mesa Orange 9a-8p

Need a Class Right Away?

Most weeks we can customize a private class at your home or office anywhere in Orange, L.A., San Diego, or Ventura Counties. Starting at $500 per person (rates are reduced for multiple students attending and increased if done over more than one day). Contact us for a quote.

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California CCW Renewal Classes
(class required every 2 years)

The California DOJ requires that CCW licensees renew their permits every 2 years. A 4 hour CCW renewal training, plus re-qualification, is required as part of that process. If you’re in the OC, be sure to start your renewal process no earlier than 4 months before your permit expiration because their online system will not accept your application any earlier than that. Ventura will allow you to apply 3 months before expiration. You may however take the class up to 6 months before your expiration date in OC and Ventura. San Diego will allow you to take the class up to 3 months before expiration.

The first 4 hours of the class consist of a review of firearm safety, laws, and practical applications. Then we head to the range where applicants will complete a live fire course to re-qualify the firearms they want on their permit. We charge $115 for the course. This fee includes your targets and also includes your range fee. We also don’t charge anything extra for qualifying more than one gun (up to 3). For OC, Ventura, and San Diego County applicants who want to add more guns, each additional gun is $20 each. As with the Initial CCW Course, we need at least 3 students registered to offer this course at $115. We will advise you if it your course appears as if it will not have enough registered, but this would be a very rare occurrence. Register for renewal classes below.

Upcoming Renewal Classes

We now have two options for renewals. You can take one of our 4 hour classes dedicated only to renewal applicants or you can join one of our regular initial CCW classes. Instead of staying the whole day with our regular class, typically you’ll come in at 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM for a review of firearms safety, laws, and some tactics. You’ll then meet up with us again at 5:30 PM or so at the range to qualify the guns you wanted listed on your permit. Notice that the times below may be listed for longer than 4 hours (ex. 1:30-8:00 PM). Because you’ll be joining the regular CCW class for this option, you may have a break before the range, but will still need to plan on blocking out that part of the day to accomplish the classroom and range portion to get your required 4 hours. The OCSD also now requires that the 4 hours is 4 hours of class time (not including the range qualification) so your total time will be a little longer. If you don’t see a date that works for you, please contact us for a private renewal class which costs $300 for one person if done in one day. There are discounts if more people are added.

Renewals Only Class

Date Time Classroom Range
The class below is a 2-part class. Please read description*
March 15 6p-9p Webinar Broadcast
March 16 6p-9p Range Qualification: Orange

​* This class requires you to watch an hour of instructional video prior to joining a live Zoom webinar broadcast. For the webinar training, you must have a functioning video camera on your phone or computer so we can verify your complete attendance during the remote session. On the second evening, we will complete the live fire portion at the range where you will qualify the gun(s) you are listing on your renewal permit. All video links and instructions will be sent to you once you register for the course.

Renewals Combined with Regular CCW Class

Date Time Classroom Range
March 13 2p-8p Huntington Bch. Orange
March 20 2p-8p Costa Mesa Orange

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California Concealed Firearms License Certification

  • This course meets the requirements for the California Concealed Firearms License (CCW) training as outlined in California Penal Code § 26165.
  • This course material has been approved by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department as acceptable in meeting the training requirements for Initial and Renewal CCW applicants.  Otherwise, there is no affiliation with the OCSD.  We’re not employed by them, nor do they endorse any specific training provider.
  • The OCSD no longer requires you to be pre-approved to take this course.  You may take the class up to 6 months before final issuance of your permit.  Although wait times are moving much faster and you should have plenty of time to complete the process in 6 months, we can’t guarantee the OCSD and DOJ processing will be done by then.  We also don’t offer a refund if you take the class and are later rejected for any reason in the application process.  We offer high quality training to meet the OCSD requirements, but do not guarantee the OCSD will grant you a permit.  Click HERE to set up your appointment.
  • Initial Certification classes cannot exceed 16 hours.  We normally break the class into 1 weekday (4) hour sessions and one Saturday (9) hour session or have one full-day Saturday class.  Class times may fluctuate slightly depending on the class size so we can cover the required material.  The cost is $175 per student.  This price includes a free tactical pen ($10 value).  It also includes your range fee and targets.  We don’t charge extra for qualifying with more than one handgun.  Be aware that while comparing prices, some training providers charge extra for the range fee and additional guns.  Apart from the class fee, the only additional expense is the ammunition you must provide yourself for the range practice and qualification.
  • Renewal Certification classes are 4 hours and will be taught in 1 day, on a non-regular basis.  The cost is $115 if done in a public group or $300 for private renewal.  Please contact us to schedule.
  • Please bring the firearm(s) you will list on your permit to class, unloaded and in a locked container.  DO NOT BRING ANY LIVE AMMUNITION.  If your range time is later in the day, please just leave the ammunition in your vehicles.  We will be discussing safety, storage, and cleaning your firearm on the first day of class.  Bring your gun owner’s manual or learn how to disassemble your firearm before coming to class.
  • On our final day (or in the same day if it’s a one-day class), we’ll be shooting live fire at the range. The first portion will be practicing some of the skills learned in class.  Each student will then qualify with at least 70% accuracy from the 3, 5, and 7-yard lines with each firearm they want to carry on their permit (for Orange County).  The Ventura County tests varies slightly and is shot at 3, 7, 10, and 15 yards.  For the OC test, it’s recommended that you have at least 100 rounds for your first gun that you’ll be qualifying with on your permit.  Every gun after that only requires 20 rounds to qualify.  The range may not have your caliber in stock so we advise you to shop early as ammunition shortages are common.
  • Classes are normally taught in Orange County (usually near Santa Ana) unless otherwise noted.  Live Scan fingerprinting is conveniently available through our affiliates either during class or nearby at their offices in Santa Ana, but please advise us beforehand to make sure they’re available to operate the Live Scan.
  • Sign-up and prepay below.  If you have a private group or don’t see a time listed that works for you, please contact us.
  • Hablamos español también.  Si tiene un grupo de 5 o más personas, podemos hacer un clase instruido en español.  Siempre estamos dispuestos a ayudar a los que no hablan inglés perfectamente en nuestras clases regulares, pero se requiere bastante personas para hacerlo todo en español.  Por favor, contáctenos para cualquier pregunta.

Multi-State Permit ‘Add-On’

  • Only 25 other states recognize the California CCW permit as valid or don’t require a CCW permit allow you to carry around the U.S.  By obtaining the Utah, Arizona, and/or Florida CCW non-resident permits, you can extend your legal coverage up to 36 states besides California.
  • Come in one hour early before the Saturday session of class and we’ll finish the instruction to sign you off on the Utah permit training and provide you documentation to present to Florida and/or Arizona as well.
  • We teach the multi-state CCW permit classes by themselves too.  You don’t have to take the California CCW class if you only want the UT, AZ, or FL permits.  The normal going rate for training in California is between $100-$125.  Although we normally instruct the course for $60, we’ll add it on to your California CCW class for $30!
  • Going around town to get your fingerprints and photos done for the multi-state permits can also be an inconvenience.  Let us handle it for you.  On average, we offer rates less-expensive than anywhere else you could go.  We also have our partners who offer Live Scan for your California permit.  In most cases, they scan and submit your prints during class.
  • Confused?  Not sure if you want to add the multi-state permits and what states they cover?  Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it on your first day of class and you can decide then.
  • If you’d like to ONLY do the multi-state permit and are not doing the California CCW or have never done the California CCW class with us before, then the cost is $60.  Please use PayPal to directly send $60 to the email with a note stating which class date it’s for.