If You Live in Los Angeles City Limits… YES, LAPD is Issuing Licenses

*UPDATE 6-25-22– The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on June 23, 2022 in the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen case that the 2nd Amendment extends to the right for protection outside of the home.  The justices ruled 6-3 that it was unconstitutional to require a special need in order to obtain a CCW permit.  Effectively, the California Attorney General quickly issued an AG Alert that directed all law enforcement agencies that issue permits to stop requiring a “Good Cause” reason from applicants.  It is yet to be seen what other requirements will now be added by way of demonstrating “Good Character” or what new “sensitive areas” may be added to the list of prohibited locations to carry firearms, but the current situation has seen a very quick expansion of issuance of licenses.  Future California laws will be tested in the courts according the new standards set by the Supreme Court this week.


Historically, it was very difficult for anyone living in Los Angeles County to obtain a CCW.  Los Angeles City (LAPD) at one time was either not accepting applications at all or directed applicants to apply to the county sheriff.  The chances of obtaining a permit were not much better with the L.A. County Sheriff until 2020 when Sheriff Villanueva relaxed the stringent requirements and dramatically increased the issuance of licenses.  As mentioned above, in 2022 the Supreme Court handed down a decision in Bruen that struck down the requirement to have a “good cause” reason for desiring a permit.  The immediate response from the public was an exponential increase in CCW applications, most of which were filed with the county sheriff because nearly all of L.A.’s city police departments deferred the issuance to the sheriff.  Consequently, this soon overwhelmed the sheriff’s department and their capacity to meet the new demand.  In August of 2022, the L.A. County Sheriff announced that they would no longer accept applications from citizens unless they reside within one of their contracted cities or unincorporated areas served by their department.  The City of Los Angeles is one of those jurisdictions that now had to devise their own process for issuance by the LAPD.  The good news is that, they HAVE been issuing and the feedback thus far is that it’s very likely any law abiding citizen living in the city limits of Los Angeles can obtain a CCW permit.  We encourage anyone who desires a CCW permit to apply and to do so quickly because the backlog is growing.

The following will guide you through the CCW process in the City of Los Angeles.  More detailed information can be found on the city’s CCW webpage HERE.  Depending on the backlog at the time of application, the process should ultimately be completed within a matter of just a few months.

LAPD’s policy is that a CCW will be issued to any applicant who can demonstrate the following:

(1) They are a resident of the City of Los Angeles (LAPD Jurisdiction);
(2) They are of good moral character; and,
(3) They have completed a course of training acceptable to the Department, as described in Penal Code Section 26165, AFTER the person has been approved for a CCW license.

Here are the step to apply:

1. Print or download the most updated version of the California Department of Justice (DOJ) Bureau of Firearms Standard Initial and Renewal Application for a CCW License (Form BOF 4012, Revised 08/2022).  Available here: Cal DOJ Standard CCW Application  The applicant should thoroughly review and complete all sections of the Standard Application (pages 3-7 and 9-10), except for the three signatures and dates on pages 3, 8, and 11. Additional pages may be used and inserted if more space is necessary to complete the application. (Note that the Standard Application can be downloaded on a computer and filled out electronically.)

2. Once the Standard Application is completed as specified above, call (213) 486-5712 or email CCWProcessing@lapd.online to schedule an in-person interview.  Applications can be submitted to LAPD by either in one of the following ways bringing your completed application with you on the day of your in-person appointment, or emailing the completed application to CCWProcessing@lapd.online.

3. Appear at your in-person interview to have your application reviewed by an LAPD investigator.  If you appear with an incomplete application, your interview will need to be rescheduled.  Make sure to bring with you proof of your Los Angeles city residency, which includes a valid driver’s license or California ID card and two copies of utility bills or a lease agreements, other official documents, etc. that establish your address.  The total fee to be paid to LAPD for processing a new permit is $268.  $53 of this is due at the time of the in-person interview.  The remaining $215 is due upon issuance of the license.

4. Locate a Live Scan fingerprint operator near you and pay the California DOJ fee to have your fingerprint background check submitted to the police department.  The Live Scan form you will need to bring to the Live Scan operating company is located on LAPD’s CCW website.  Once you have submitted all of the above and had your interview, the LAPD Gun Unit will contact you with a conditional approval to go forward and take your required CCW training course.

5. Find a CCW training provider that is approved by the LAPD.  The provider must be listed on their approved provider list on their website.  Hansen Firearms Training can provide your approved training either by private appointment at your home or office in Los Angeles  or you can join us in Orange County for public classes.  Initial courses are required to be at least 16 hours.  Applicants will qualify in live fire training each of the firearms they desire to be listed on their license.  When the applicant has completed their firearm training course, a copy of the completed and signed shooting proficiency standards form must be sent to CCWProcessing@lapd.online.  The LAPD will accept an applicant’s proof of training dated no later than six months from the time of their interview.

6. Once an applicant has been approved for a CCW license, they will be contacted to schedule an appointment to obtain and sign the CCW license. Appointments will take place at the LAPD Police Headquarters Facility.