Why Train with Us?

Deciding to obtain a Concealed Firearm License, or CCW permit, can be a daunting experience. Law abiding citizens who go about it the right way, also want to throughly understand their responsibilities and to feel confident they possess the skills required if one day they need to use their gun in self-defense. You’re going to spend good money in taking the required CCW class, so you have the right to demand exceptional training from your instructor!

Ben Hansen, the owner and lead instructor of Hansen Firearms Training, has instructed thousands of students from all walks of life. From doctors, professional athletes, stay-at-home moms, to Hollywood actors, Hansen understands the concerns you might have about training and carrying a gun. His instruction team will walk you through the whole process step-by-step and give you the confidence you seek. There’s always something new to learn, even if you’re an advanced handgun shooter. Ben is a former federal law enforcement agent, an advanced course NRA Instructor, an EMT, CPR instructor, and a pilot. Ben enjoys instructing firearms courses as a way of promoting responsible gun ownership and improving self-defense techniques. Concealed carry has been a part of his daily life since 1998. His assistant instructors are also well experienced to make your CCW class well worth the money.

Our Focus

One principal goal in our CCW training is centered on what happens before, during, and after a dangerous encounter. Through presenting ‘what-if’ scenarios and utilizing a realistic decision making process, we strive to equip students with the confidence needed to legally and ethically use their firearm. Carrying a firearm in public is a lifestyle decision that will alter the way you experience your world. By enhancing your observation skills and levels of alertness, most potential conflicts can be safely mitigated or completely avoided. But if someone has never been taught the “science” of danger, unfortunately those individuals often have no option other than resorting to the use of deadly force… and too frequently that decision is made too late. That’s why we try and incorporate scenario-based training in all levels of our curriculum.

The Perks…

We feel that many CCW License Classes in California are well-worth the money, but they don’t have to break the bank. Our classes start at $195 per student for the California CCW Course. And you WILL get the required material and instruction as required by the Orange, Ventura, San Diego, or Los Angeles County Sheriffs. Instructors in the past have cut corners on training, violating a trust with the both the Sheriff and with you the student. As other counties begin to approve us to teach their CCW classes, we plan on offering the same exceptional and quality curriculum to all of Southern California.

We believe that the safest way to teach many of the practical skills learned in class, is through the use of inert training guns. These polymer guns are incapable of accepting ammunition, but they’re the same size and feel of the real thing. Because we feel that learning firearm retention, drawing from the holster, moving and shooting, etc. is so crucial to the lesson plan, we use Blackhawk training guns and Blackhawk concealable holsters in class to practice these skills. This equipment is available for purchase at most classes.

2-Day “In-Person” Classes

Many training providers teach classes during weekdays, but many students can’t take time off of work without missing pay or using up vacation time. That’s why most of our “in-person” 16-hour courses are scheduled in two parts with the first day taught via remote Zoom video on a weekday evening. The second day is then usually taught on a Saturday in one convenient all-day long session. The classroom training is generally done at our facility in Huntington Beach with the range session following that evening in Orange or Stanton.

We want you to have a good experience and feel comfortable. Our classes are highly informative. Our practical applications are very interactive; you’ll be up out of your seat much of the time. The classes are also quite entertaining, for the specific purpose of aiding memory retention. ​ Upon successfully completing the class, you’ll leave at the end of the day with a qualification certificate to present to your sheriff.

Online “Blended Learning” Classes

Our online “blended learning” classes offer the option of doing nearly the whole classroom portion at your own pace by completing a series of online training videos and quizzes. The online format is exactly the same as our “in-person” CCW class and should take you the same amount of time to complete. The only difference with online training is that you’re choosing only your range date when you register. You’ll pick a range date that will afford you enough time to complete the online modules. When you arrive on your “in-person” range date, we’ll spend a few hours to finish up a few practical hands-on skills, complete the written test, and then qualify your firearms in the live fire course. Range times are typically scheduled on Saturdays or weekday evenings. This tends to be the most popular format for students with busy schedules.

*Please note, the online blended learning course is not currently approved by San Diego or Los Angeles County Sheriffs. Those counties require that the course be taught in-person so you must choose one of those options.

Private California CCW Classes

We frequently teach private instruction for CCW applicants wanting a course taught in the privacy of their own home, office, or at our office location. Private instruction is available in 1 of 2 formats:

  1. Entire private classroom “in-person” with a private range qualification.
  2. Online classroom with only the practical skills and range qualification scheduled as a private session.

If only one person registers for the Initial CCW class and they want it instructed all in-person (within Orange County), the rate is $950. The rate decreases with each additional person added. A surcharge for travel time and fuel is added if you’d like us to come to your location outside of Orange County.

The private instruction rate based on one person doing the classroom via the online format is $375. In this format, you will simply contact us when you’re done with the online modules and are ready to schedule your range qualification. We can still start at your home or office to do the required practical skills and written test. If either of these options interests you, please contact us via the contact page if you have questions. Otherwise, you can sign-up online and begin your class. Then contact us when you’re ready to schedule your in-person portion.

Multi-State Permit Add-On

If that wasn’t enough, we highly encourage you to carry and have access to your firearm wherever you’re legally permitted within the United States. Currently, only 33 other states recognize the California CCW permit as valid or don’t require a CCW permit allow you to carry around the U.S. By obtaining the Utah, Arizona, and/or Florida CCW non-resident permits, you can extend your legal coverage up to 38 states besides California. Since the California CCW class already covers most of the essential curriculum, you’ll have the option of coming in one hour early before most of the CCW classes and we’ll finish up the requirements for the other states for a fraction of the cost you’d pay elsewhere. We’ll sign you off on the Utah permit training and provide you documentation to present to Florida and/or Arizona as well. The normal going rate for this training in California is between $100-$125. Although we normally instruct the course for $60, we’ll add the instruction to your California CCW class for $30!

We teach the multi-state CCW permit classes by themselves too. You don’t have to take the California CCW class if you only want the UT, AZ, or FL permits. If you’re only doing the multi-state training and have never taken another course with us before, the cost is $60 and takes about 4 hours. There is no live fire requirement for UT, AZ, or FL. With the California CCW License combined with one or more of the other state permits, you’ll have reciprocity to legally carry in up to 38 states. So why wait? Sign up now!

* Utah, Arizona, and Florida do have their own state application fees which you must pay directly to them when you apply.