California CCW Initial Private Class (Online Classroom) 2023



California Concealed Firearms Permit Qualifying Course

  • Online “blended learning” fulfills the California CCW 8-hour training requirement
  • Course approved by the Orange, Ventura, San Diego, and Los Angeles Counties Sheriff’s Departments
  • Course may be taken prior to your conditional permit approval in some counties (check with your sheriff or ask us)
  • Schedule your in-person portion and range qualification for a 1 on 1 session when you’re ready
  • In-person portion is done privately at your home, office, or at our office in Huntington Beach
  • Qualify up to 3 guns at no extra cost
  • Optional multi-state licenses add up to 36 states of reciprocity (read below for details)


This is an “Online Classroom” CCW class, also referred to as “Blending Learning”, for those needing to fulfill the training requirement for a California Concealed Firearm Permit.  The option on this page is for a Private range qualification, instead of a Public group qualification day.  The Blended Learning option allows CCW applicants to take nearly all their required classroom training online.  If you’re applying for your initial CCW permit, the curriculum is divided into 12 online modules and a few quizzes.  After completing the online training, contact us to set up an in-person setting to complete a few practical exercises, do a Q & A to clarify any content from the online course, and then take the written test.  From there we’ll head to the shooting range where you’ll complete the live fire qualification with the guns you’re adding to your permit and we’ll sign your course certificate.

There are several advantages to taking your CCW class in a private Blended Learning format.  You can watch the online training videos at your own convenience and from the comfort of your home.  The only constraint is that you must have the online training completed before coming to the in-person portion and range. 

Another advantage to online training is that we’ve included a Bonus Section of several videos available for you to watch at no additional cost.  These sections were originally part of our full day classes before we streamlined the course.  While we feel that this additional material addresses very important CCW concepts, this section is not mandatory to view.  The core 12 modules that you are required to watch meets and exceeds the mandatory 8 hour curriculum required by California law.  The videos themselves total 10 hours of instruction. 

Scheduling Your Range Day

When scheduling your in-person session, we can start by meeting at your home or office or you can come to our office in Huntington Beach.  Plan on about one hour or so of in-person instruction before we relocate to the range for qualification.  We use several ranges in Orange County (Orange, Stanton, and Brea) so where we go just depends on their availability and closeness to where we meet for our in-person session.  There’s an extra surcharge of $100 for travel time and fuel if you’d like us to travel to you in Los Angeles, Ventura, or San Diego Counties.  Scheduling is generally flexible on weekdays.  Please note that after registering and gaining access to the online class, you’ll have 6 months to complete the curriculum and to schedule your range date.  After that time, your payment may be forfeited or at minimum there may be a price increase.  This is due to changing range fees that we cover in your behalf and other operating expenses that we have no control over.  Please see the tab below about cancellations and changes for further information or contact us if you have any other questions.

The course is currently approved by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Departments, and several police departments within Los Angeles County (please check with us as to which ones before registering).

Other Sign-up Options

The basic details are found by clicking on the “Class Details” tab to the side of this box.  Please read ALL of the tabs regarding what to expect from class, what to bring, and the terms for cancellation or rescheduling.

Also, if you’re interested in adding the optional “multi-state CCW” qualification and for the optional fingerprinting, we can still arrange the required one-hour of training privately, but the cost is $100 for the additional time.  The options for fingerprinting for those states are also available below in the checkout.  We will also need to arrange the location where we will meet to accomplish the multi-state optional one-hour course because the ranges do not always have a classroom available.  You are also always welcome to join our public classes at the rate of $30 for that optional training.

If you’re interested in a full “in-person” class instead of an online classroom, the cost for one person (within Orange County) is $500, but the rates go down with each additional person added.  This is based on a full-day “in-person” classroom instruction.  The classroom portion can be taught at your home or office or at our classroom in Huntington Beach.  Please contact us to arrange this option.

Class Details

This course material has been approved by the sheriff’s departments listed as acceptable in meeting the training requirements for Initial and Renewal CCW applicants.  Otherwise, there is no affiliation with their respective agencies.  We’re not employed by them, nor do they endorse any specific training provider.

The course price includes everything you’ll need in class (targets, range fee, handouts, etc.) for qualifying up to 3 guns.  You must provide your own ammunition.

Classroom and Range

In California, you must have at least one handgun listed on your CCW license and you may only carry the guns listed on your license.  That means it must be registered to you (or your spouse or domestic partner in some counties) and that firearm must be brought to class to be qualified at the range so it can be listed on your CCW permit.  If you do not yet have a handgun, you cannot complete the CCW course or be granted a permit so please make sure you have that arranged before attending class.

For Orange, Ventura, and San Diego County applicants who want to qualify more than 3 guns, you can add up to 2 additional guns for $25.  In other words, $25 will cover a 4th and 5th gun, $50 will cover up to 6 or 7 guns, etc.  Adding more guns to your license can currently be done at any time in Orange and San Diego Counties.  Los Angeles and Ventura will only allow it to be done at the time of your license renewal.  When you register, you will see the “gun-add on” option suggestion at the bottom of the page.  If you’ll be qualifying more than 3 guns, please also place the “add-on” in your shopping cart.  Due to the way the shopping cart is set-up with the online course, this option has to be added this way.

Please have the firearm(s) you will list on your permit ready for the in-person portion of class.  We have to verify for your sheriff that you know how to take the gun apart for cleaning so please arrive with it disassembled (just have the slide off for a semi-automatic), unloaded, and in a locked container.  We DO NOT allow LIVE AMMUNITION in class.  For obvious reasons, safety is of extreme importance as we’re handling our guns and some students may have little experience, so please do not bring any ammunition with your guns or in your bags.  We will verify this several times throughout the session.  Leave the ammo in your vehicles.

For the Orange County issued license, you’ll need at least 80 rounds for your first handgun for qualification.  We say that you need 80 rounds for your FIRST handgun, because if you’re qualifying for the Orange County issued permit, the sheriff has now lowered the required number of rounds in the qualification for your 2nd gun, 3rd gun, etc.  If you’re doing more than one gun for Orange County or L.A. County, you’ll only need 20 rounds per gun for each gun after your first.  The same goes for adding a gun to your existing permit, in which case you’ll only need 20 rounds.  Ventura County applicants have a different qualification course and will need at least 30 rounds per gun.  San Diego County applicants will need at least 100 rounds for your first gun and if you have subsequent guns, you’ll need at least 30 rounds per gun.

The range doesn’t allow Russian, Polish, or Czech ammo or aluminum casings.  It sounds strange, but they’ve had problems with brands such as PPU, Silver Bear, Brown Bear, Tula, etc. rupturing and causing safety hazards.  You will however need to bring eye and ear protection or plan on buying it at the range or classroom.  The range no longer has them available to borrow nor rent unfortunately.  You will not need any holsters.  It’s simply too dangerous to draw at full speed from the holster in live fire with so many people new to using the technique.  Instead, we’ll be using plastic training guns and holsters in class to practice.  The training guns are also available for sale if you would like to purchase them.  Please have a pen or pencil to take notes.
Optional Multi-State CCW Qualification

Currently, only 25 other states recognize the California CCW permit as valid or don’t require a CCW permit allow you to carry around the U.S.  By obtaining the Utah, Arizona, and/or Florida CCW non-resident permits, you can extend your legal coverage up to 36 states besides California.  Come in an hour earlier before your California CCW class and we’ll finish the instruction to sign you off on the Utah permit training and provide you documentation to present to Florida and/or Arizona as well.  We teach the multi-state CCW permit classes by themselves too.  You don’t have to take the California CCW class if you only want the UT, AZ, or FL permits.  The normal going rate for training in California is between $100-$125.  Although we normally instruct the course for $60, we’ll add the instruction to your California CCW class for $30!  Look for the multi-state option to add to your cart at the bottom of the page once you add the California class.

Going around town to get your fingerprints and photos done for the multi-state permits can also be an inconvenience.  Let us handle it for you.  On average, we offer rates less-expensive than anywhere else you could go.  If you’re still not sure which of the optional states you want to apply for and if you want fingerprints done for them, don’t worry because we’ll walk you through the benefits of each during class.  You can decide and pay at that point for the fingerprinting if you need time to decide.

Terms & Conditions

When do I take the class?

Different counties have different requirements as to when this course can be taken in the application process and how long it is deemed valid.  Currently, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department no longer requires you to be pre-approved to take your training class.  In fact, you may take the class up to 6 months before final issuance of your permit.  Ventura County also allows you to take the class before your conditional approval, but they request that you at least have your application submitted and interview scheduled.  San Diego will accept the class as valid for 90 days, but they would like you to at least wait until you’ve paid your initial fee and had your fingerprints taken.  Although wait times in most counties are moving much faster and you should have time to complete the process in the window when the class is still valid, we still can’t guarantee the county sheriffs or DOJ background processing will be done by then.  

We DO NOT offer a refund if you take the class and are later rejected for any reason in the application process.  We cannot guarantee that any applicant will be granted a license.  If you have a clean criminal background, Ventura and Orange Counties have a very high success rate of 98% or more for approvals, but nevertheless, they cannot compel you to take the class before a conditional approval.  San Diego and Los Angeles Counties currently request that the applicant wait until after they receive their approval notification before taking the training course.

Cancellation policy

We understand that sometimes things come up and your schedule changes.  We’re fairly flexible to allow you to make up portions of the day you missed or to reschedule all together, but please advise us within 24 hours of the class to be fair to those trying to get in on a waiting list. 

If you’re taking an Online “Blended-Learning” class, it is your responsibility to have all of the online modules and quizzes showing as completed before attending your range date.  If this has not been done yet, it will be counted the same as a “reschedule”.  A $50 rescheduling fee will be assessed if any class or range date changes are made within a week of the class date and we’re unable to fill your spot.  This is because we have to commit our dates to the range and we need the classes filled in order to make it economically feasible.  We do allow full cancellation and refund (minus any processing fees that the credit card company will not return to us) within 24 hours of purchasing.  Beyond this time however, your purchase will be counted as credit toward a future class except in rare emergency situations.  Please understand that we depend on dependable attendance in order to offer the low rates we do.  We cannot issue refunds for classes purchased beyond 5 months due to credit card processing fees and changing operating costs.

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