Additional California CCW Gun Add-On or Modification Qualification



California CCW Gun Add-On Qualification

  • Add-on firearms to your existing permit by amending your CCW license
  • Quick and easy gun inspection and live fire qualification
  • New modifications to guns already on your CCW permit must also be requalified in Orange County
  • Check your county sheriff’s specific policies regarding how many firearms can be listed on your license and if this can be done at any time
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The California DOJ requires that those obtaining a California Concealed Firearms permit complete a live fire qualification with each firearm they wish to add to the license.  Currently, the Orange County and San Diego County Sheriff’s Departments allow their licensees to list an unlimited number of firearms on their CCWs.  Ventura County will allow licensees to list up to 5 guns and Los Angeles County will allow 3 guns.  Los Angeles and Ventura also restrict licensees to adding new guns to their permit only at the time of the initial permit issuance or when the permit comes up for renewal.  Orange County and San Diego County will allow gun add-ons at any time.  There is a nominal fee the sheriff will charge in order to amend the license because it must be reprinted.

Modifications to an existing firearm are handled differently within each county so please check with your county sheriff’s policies specifically.  In general, sheriffs will allow the licensee to make modifications to their firearms and/or add accessories as long as the alterations are legal in California.  In Orange County, any modifications made to the hardware of the firearm after initial qualification will require that the licensee has the handgun re-inspected by an approved instructor.  The applicant must then requalify the firearm in a live fire course by shooting 24 rounds (8 rounds at 3, 5, and 7 yards).  A “modification qualification certificate” will then be issued which the applicant will email to the OCSD.  The sheriff will keep this certificate in the licensee’s file, but reissuing the license is not necessary if the gun was already listed on the permit.  Examples of hardware modifications include: adding an extended slide stop release or magazine button, cerakoting or stippling, adding a red dot scope, or swapping out a barrel or slide.

To add a new gun or make a modification to an existing gun on your license, please contact us for the next available range date.  Most of the time, we can fit those doing gun add-ons in our regular CCW qualifications, but range capacity varies so please do not just show up.  If we’re already at the range doing a public class, there is generally no additional range fee to pay because we’re covering the cost for the full bay rental.  One exception is that at certain ranges, they charge us per shooter and if we don’t have the whole range rented, you will need to pay your own range fee (usually $20).  If there is no range fee, your cost for the qualification fee is only $25 for up to 2 additional guns.  In other words, $25 will cover 2 guns, $50 will cover up to 4 guns, etc.

Please pay for your gun-add ons through this page and then fill out and email back the PDF found at this link HERE to  We need your gun information from the PDF by noon the day before your qualification in order to have your certificate prepared.

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