This option is to add the “multi-state” CCW training for those registered for any of the California CCW Online “blended learning” courses.  If you registered for an “in-person” class then there should have been options on the class registration page to add the multi-state classes and fingerprinting.  The date and time of the class is listed in the description of the California CCW class you registered for, but generally this portion takes place an hour before the California CCW range or classroom portions.  Please see your CA CCW class registration for details.

The “multi-state” permit is not one permit, but separate permits that you apply to directly with Utah, Arizona, and/or Florida.  Students are responsible for sending in their applications by mail and paying the corresponding state fees.  The price for this class is for the extra hour of instruction in order for us to be able to sign off the student to apply.  The discounted price of $30 is only valid if you are taking or have taken a California Initial CCW or Renewal class from us before.  Otherwise, we can arrange for a $60 payment for those who are only doing the multi-state class.  The paperwork and additional qualification requirements for the extra permits will be handled during the class session.  You will also see a separate registration for fingerprints.  Fingerprinting for Utah and Arizona does not have to be done by us during class, but we offer it as a convenience for a small extra fee.  During class we will explain the benefits of each individual license so you may decide later which of the states you actually want to apply for and which fingerprinting to do.