​Active Attacker Response Training

The parent company to Hansen Firearms Training is Active Violence Solutions LLC or “AVS”.  AVS was started in response to the growing need for consulting and training for a proactive response to active attacker events both in the private and public sectors.  Active Attacker incidents, commonly referred to as “Active Shooter”, can happen in any place and at any time.  One of the most challenging aspects of these horrific encounters is the misunderstanding that “not much can be done”.  We believe that vigilant preparation can go a long way in mitigating the risks associated with these tragedies.  In the United States, FEMA has led the way in outlining a basic response plan for laypersons and first responders.  However, most of the programs presented to the public are heavy on statistics and theory but they lack the actual hands-on technical skills we believe are crucial to making a better outcome.  Consequently, AVS developed a curriculum that we began teaching to contracted companies and agencies.  Some of our clients include Orange County Assessor’s Office, the City of Mission Viejo, and various churches and private security companies.

Please contact us from this website or at AVS’s website at www.violenceresponse.com if your company or agency is interested in Active Attacker Response training. We offer a few different options and pricing structures depending on the depth of training desired, the number of students participating, and whether the curriculum is to cover the “unarmed” or “armed” response to events.  We’re certified to instruct American Red Cross and American Heart Association CPR and first aid classes, as well as Stop the Bleed components which can be added to any class.  We’ve also partnered with HSI, an industry workplace safety leader, through teaching their AVERT program.  This is beneficial if your insurance requires an industry recognized certification to go along with the training.

​Bulletproof Clothing, Vests, and Less Lethal Weapons

Active Violence Solutions is also a one-stop shop for all of your protective clothing and accessory needs.  We sell the industry’s lightest and most flexible bulletproof vests, rifle plate carriers and protection, bulletproof clothing and backpacks, TASERs, stun guns, tactical flashlights, and pepper spray.  Many of the products are in stock at our warehouse located on location with our training room in Huntington Beach, CA.  Other products can be drop shipped to your door within a few days or a few weeks for custom items.  You may have heard us talk about some of these items in your training class- especially the importance of having a secondary force option- and we’d happy to answer any other questions you might have.  The link where all of these products can be purchased is www.violenceresponse.com