This registration is for fingerprinting for the Arizona and Utah CCW permits.  It is NOT for the California CCW permit that is separate and must be done by a Live Scan operator.

If you registered for an “in-person” class then there should have been options on the class registration page to add the multi-state classes and fingerprinting on that page.  The fingerprinting option is only offered again here for those doing the online classes because of the way the shopping cart is set up.  In other words, if you already registered and paid for fingerprinting as part of an “in-person” class, then please do not pay for fingerprinting again by adding it to your cart here.  During class we will explain the benefits of each individual license so you do not need to pay for it here if you want to wait.  You may decide later in class which of the states you actually want to apply for and which fingerprinting to do.